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«Markell Group Company»
Off. B706a, 20 "A", Kuskovskaya Str. 
Moscow, Russia 

(495) 745-00-74 
(499) 641-02-29



Dear ladies and gentlemen,

"Markell Group Company" operates in the Russian market of raw materials already for more than 18 years. "Markell Group Company" deals with import and distribution of high-quality raw materials for domestic manufacturers of cosmetics, perfumery, household and industrial chemistry, as well as for food and pharmaceutical producers. Since its foundation, the company has considerably grown and now includes the management company "Markell Group" and four branches located in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, and Minsk.

Orientation to the needs of our clients is the major activity principle of "Markell Group Company". Granting all kinds of services related with the basic activity of the clients of us is our primary goal. Not only we deliver both basic commodities and special components to the domestic manufacturers, but also we pay a special attention to the obligations to our clients.

To date, "Markell Group Company" has established business relations with more than 550 companies all around Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Such well-known manufacturers, as "Faberlic", "Krasnaya Liniya", "Nevskaya Kosmetika", "Klever", "Aist", "Fratti НВ", "Belita", "Viteks", "Belkosmetiks", Unilever, CK Johnson, and many others are among the clients of us. "Markell Group Company" supplies raw materials produced by the leading European manufacturers, such as Huntsman, BASF, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, CRM International, ResPharma, LanXess, Sonneborn and others.

A laboratory for raw materials approbation and providing a technological assistance to our clients has been created. Thus, we can provide a support in development of new formulations.

Over 50 qualified experts and sales managers offer all kinds of service to our clients. Each of them is responsible for either the certain type of the products or the specific client. Besides, we are in continuous training process of highly skilled commercial experts. In addition, we provide all range of technical and commercial exercise, including presentations and seminars giving by our foreign suppliers.

If you have any questions, we are always ready to answer.

We shall be glad to cooperate with you.

Yours faithfully, "Markell Group Company"