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«Markell Group Company»
Off. B706a, 20 "A", Kuskovskaya Str.
Moscow, Russia

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JV "Stilmark" (Belarus)

Our company was founded in 1993 and during last 10 years we have been supplying raw materials for the producers of cosmetics, food, general rubber products and the products of basic organic synthesis in Belarus. The total amount of our clients in Belarus exceeds 50 companies. JSV "Belita”, JSV "Vitex, JSV "Exclusive cosmetics, "Brestbytkhim are among the big clients of us.

Nowadays 4 managers of the company directly deal with sales of raw materials. Continuous search for the experts who are willing to work in the modern market is performed. A training process, including the seminars organized by our western partners, is performed.

Today we offer all range of services necessary to the market. Both we perform the direct supply to the large manufacturers and we actively work with small and average companies from a warehouse.

Today, sale of raw materials to cosmetics producers is the major business of our company. In future, together with the further development of this direction, we plan to expand our business to supply raw materials to other producers, based on the full assortment of raw materials produced by our major suppliers.

At each warehouse there is a small laboratory where the major technical problems of our clients are solved. For big clients, who demand the special attitude, we use all available promotion ways, namely: presentations, seminars, individual completions of the formulations, etc., including attraction of the expertise of our suppliers.

We provide the logistics; we also perform the customs clearance of cargos.

Working with the clients, we use the active marketing and an individual approach to each client. We work intensively with advertising agencies on new products promotion: we publish both bare advertising information and the technical information, as well.

Also we organize 2-3 seminars a year for the experts of all major cosmetics producers and we participate in 2-3 exhibitions per year.

In 2004, we made a decision on further diversification of the raw materials, first of all, for paint and varnish producers. In addition, we would like to start the direct supplies of raw materials from the foreign manufacturers to the clients in Belarus, in order to establish a long-term development program, oriented to the raw materials of these suppliers.

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